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Manage Your Own Data Storage

You have your reasons. Your data is a core part of your business and what your organization does. Outsourcing the responsibility is not an option. So you take care of it yourself.

As you know, DIY data storage has lots of benefits. It also comes with challenges:


The best data storage software is flexible, offering lots of configuration parameters. Knowing the right settings for your specific situation can be difficult.


Are you getting the most out of your system? Are there cost-effective ways to get even more? What are the bottlenecks?


You need for data storage only grows. You need alerts as drives reach their limits. Adding capacity should be as easy as plugging in and pointing to more disks.


Like everything in the universe, data decays over time. Your data storage software should work in the background to keep small problems from getting out of hand.

You are not alone

We are Koor Technologies, Inc. Our mission is to make you successful with your self-managed data storage. Our favorite software for storage is Ceph. We also love Rook because it makes Ceph clusters available in container-based environments like Kubernetes.

Koor helps you through a combination of software and support. We have approachable experts with knowledge and experience using Ceph and Rook.

Data Control Center

Our flagship solution for observing your data storage, diagnosing issues, and making configuration changes easier.


Get the help you need when you need it. Our Pro Bundle includes up to 20 hours of dedicated support per year. We also offer lots of free advice.

Open Source

We are maintainers and supporters of Rook and Ceph. Everything we do works on top of standard open source projects.

Get help from us anytime, whether you are just learning about DIY storage options or need help with some serious troubleshooting.

See what customers say about Koor.
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“Koor provided us brilliant support to help configure our Kubernetes environment with Rook Ceph. The team demonstrated knowledge about Kubernetes, Rook, Ceph, and a lot of other topics to suggest smart solutions for our environment.”

REM Analytics
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“Koor's advice and expertise have helped Y Meadows improve the performance and availability of our Rook Ceph storage cluster in Kubernetes. We choose Koor for their deep expertise in the field, and they have been a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them!”

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Take control of your data

Need help with an existing Ceph cluster? Want to explore self-managed data storage? Koor is here to help.

Koor provides the software and service you need for DIY data storage.