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Koor Data Control Center

The Koor Data Control Center is a monitoring, management and automation platform that makes it easy to operate large-scale data stores yourself.

By simplifying the deployment and use of Rook Ceph, we help medium-size and large businesses take back control over their data storage and management. Make DIY data storage a reality.

GUI Access.
A comprehensive view of the health of the organization's Rook Ceph clusters and their underlying Kubernetes infrastructure. Plus controls to change configuration settings.
Pre-built templates for organizations to automatically configure Rook Ceph clusters to address specific use cases.
Live tips.
Provides live, pop-up information about elements in the system.


Making self-managed storage easier

We are building the GUI-based data control plane you need to manage your Ceph Rook data storage. Use a free trial to give it a try and realize these benefits.


Enable administrators to identify and address issues quickly and easily without using the command line interface


Save time and effort discovering how to configure and deploy Rook Ceph for a specific use case and then actually doing it correctly

Live tips

Educates users about elements of the system in real time; i.e., what this element does or what will happen if this configuration is changed