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Make Life Easier

Everything you need to take control of your data storage

Managing data storage with Rook and Ceph can get complicated. Here are some resources that can help.

Knowledge Base
Full of information about Ceph, Rook, and Koor products. You will find getting started guides and solutions to common problems.
Koor Blog
Check out a variety of articles about data storage. Some are technical, others more philosophical. Always a good read.
Technical Support
Send your questions to our support team. Not a customer? That's okay. Ask us anyway. We will do what we can to help.
Source Code
Koor is dedicated to open source and source available licensing. Browse through our public repos.
Koor Handbook
Koor is a 100% remote company. We use our handbook to help us operate. We share it publicly so that you can see how the magic is made. Always a work in progress.

You are not alone.

Get the help you need with your self-managed data storage. Koor has the software and experts who can make it easier.